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    Video Mapping

    Hello everyone,,
    It's been some time since I posted here, Poor Bison has been busy

    So let's talk about... video mapping! Haha. It seems kinda random, but it's what I'm going to be busy doing more of in future, plus it's awesome, so let's talk about it
    Basically it's when you get like, a projector, and aim it at a building or structure and 'map' the content of the video to the object it will appear on. For example:

    Cool, huh? So many applications. If you've heard of Amon Tobin you may have seen this, but check it out anyway:

    So I gave this sort of thing a go to see what I could do!

    I came up with this: (Sorry, it's Vimeo, so I couldn't embed it)

    Basically only two main mapped layers (foreground and background) but worked pretty well. This was my end of year project at EIT where I studied graphic design (well, even though this is more motion graphics haha). What do you guys think?

    Feel free to share examples of this type of stuff, or even videos that you've taken of projected stuff you've been lucky enough to witness!

    It's definitely a more common form of advertising these days.
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