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Thread: Bug in petrol area - missing platform

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    Exclamation Bug in Porvenir Oil Fields - missing catwalk

    Dear All,
    i have a strange problem with game:

    I describe the problem:

    In the end of the game, before talking with Etzlii in city of serpent (game ask if I continue, the time vojager will be disabled until finish game). So before finish game, I went again to secret city where rebels are sacrificing from top of temple to collect hidden items.
    So in this point Lara are not responding to command, is like freeze before sacrificed place and I must reload checkpoint.

    After reload the access from underground temple to turn back is closed, so I must passing again to sacrificed place. When I passing it appear again Urunatu (that wos already killed in next tomb) and start video, so Lara and Unuratu passing again the access with 2 guard with secret words.
    So when I be In tomb of Sinchi chiqua so I access directly to the end to this level because the access is already opened, i passing across that and start video with Jonah end etzlii.
    I think game are reload mission again!
    So I go next to petrol area, in next camp I try to moving from other camp so I continue but this option is disabled.

    The real problem is when I must evade from elicopter, in this point of game Lara start talking with Jonah, Lara have phone on the ear but the call is silent. So I proced to elicopter attack, and one ascended tower to jump to broken platform, this platform not present (I think because are already broken the first time that I play this mission).
    There are no way to continue, i ve try to reload checkpoint and use backup save.

    Some one can help me?
    Here the video of issue.

    Game are played in PS4 platform with last firmware and TR update (1.19)

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