Thread: Why is the Customer Support so terrible???

Why is the Customer Support so terrible???

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    Why is the Customer Support so terrible???

    Hello, so the Square Enix Store broke many of my first times in life and it takes a really big toll on my nerves and my ability to enjoy XIV.

    I pre ordered SHB and to this day I haven't gotten my game, now I lost my raid spot because I can't do the raids obviously, my game time was wasted and well the Support on both normal SE and SE Store eu are just incredibly terrible.

    The normal Support "answered" 8 days after my ticket with a clearly copy&paste reply, just telling me to write the SE Store suppotweakbox appvalley
    rt, no other attempt to help me, and while I can live with that, the Store Support hasn't answered for 10 damn days and I am freaking out.

    I started writing them daily, because when you run a company that big, your Support at least needs to try, and while I myself work with people and know how disgusting they can be for no reason, I see myself turn more and more toxic by the ticket.

    I see no point in accepting my game now, 45
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