Thread: FF14 account issues!!

FF14 account issues!!

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    FF14 account issues!!

    I have been trying for a month now to get back into my 5-6 year old account. I can log into the square enix area just fine i cannot however log into it on the ff14 launcher or their ff14 site i keep getting stonewalled with the incorrect password when it really apparently shouldn't. i put in the same passwords that let me into the square enix area but they refuse to work, tried support...They give me the run around saying bull like its a complicated matter to recover my password due to me not remembering HOW i spelt my s.q.a, they apparently need my last 4 digits for credit card to do live chat so that's not god damn happening, this account doesn't even have a card attached at all as i was to young to have that back then. all in all im super pissed and frustrated at the ty support ive gotten from them and i have no idea what do now as i just wanted to try out ff14 since ive heard alot of good things about it and would like to not have to make a new email for this b.s anyone have any ideas on how i could potentially get back into my account?vidmate mobdro word counter
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    same issues

    I also facing littile same isuues but as mentioned everything is clear