I wasn't sure to post this under the FF series section or here but since its not directly linked to the game itself i decided to post it here.

First off i'm Belgian so this is all from a European point of view.

I got a couple of issue that i know others have as well and hope to reach SE through this post.

First issue i have is the lack of availability of merchandise / game versions, I am a big FF fan and I've spend a lot of cash on buying multiple copies of the games and merchandise, and I'm planning to spend even more.
But it seems SE doesn't want my money, I only buy collector edition's not because they are worth it but because they support my favorite games more then the normal version would.
On the release of shadowbringers i didn't get a mail and wasn't in a position to use my time for looking at new stuff coming out.
So by the time i saw there was a new FF XIV expansion, there was no longer a collector 'physical' in the EU store.
Waiting list, is as it says, just lets you wait till infinity.
If i want this collector i'd have to pay over double to some random guy on Ebay ( for around 400 euros inc shipping and import costs) for a version that would most likely not work with my EU account of the game, that doesn't even play the game and doesn't have a life so he can order it and sell for profit.
Now I'm not the type of person that just whines, here is my view on a solution, make ANY game purchase in the shop, link to the actual account without a way to disconnect from that account.
So basically remove the step of the 'code'.
The only issue with this would be stores that sell the expansions, but those are certified re-sellers and could just receive a special version with a code that would still use the old system of claiming said code.
This would prevent profit seekers to ninja collectors from players that actually want them.
And i know this is most likely not the ideal solution and there might be flaws in it but its fruit for thoughts.
The same issue goes for the annual FF TCG book, I work , so by the time i can order one they are all sold out. now i would have to pay around 250% of the store price to get one, and I've been checking the store every day and wait listed myself, but sadly another piece that i CAN'T buy.

Then we get to issue number two ( maybe three if you count the book as two )
The FF TCG is VERY badly supported in Belgium.
I've heard that there is only 1 supplier that sells it and he's corruption himself.
I just heard from my local shop that the opus IX displays that i ordered, where given to an other store(s).
Although I've ordered ( 2 ) when opus VIII just released ( yes that long ago, may local shop knows i want 2 displays of every new opus ).
The supplier you choose to distribute your product makes it so its a success or not.
There isn't a big player base in my local store and I'm trying to get the player base up but with things like this happening, its not possible.
Only 1 out of 2 shops i go to to play, got the pre-release kits ( luckily at least one got them ) and now my 'home base' cant get the displays.
FF TCG could be so much bigger but the supplier/distributor whatever you want to call them are holding it back Big time.
If this is due to exclusivity contract or something , ditch it because your killing the game here and my guess is there will be other countries that have the same issue.
My knowledge of legal affairs and stuff is zero so i can't say i got a solution for this. but you can start by making sure they don't give priority to their direct friends but act like decent people and distribute evenly and according to orders/order date.

Maybe add a complaint / suggestion mail to the site , no harm in getting free suggestions that you might not have thought about.
and if they are bad suggestions you can always ignore them ( or more polite let them know you dismissed them ).

I want to say that I'm sorry for this long rant but i had to get it off my chest and i hope SE gets to read this.

Keep up the good work, making the games i love, ever since i was born('87) ( of course i only started playing when i was 12 )