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3000 Battery Options

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    3000 Battery Options

    Yesterday I decided to pull out my old PSP 3000 to see if I could finally make progress in Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles. Unfortunately, the battery had swollen up like a dead animal.

    I'm not interested in modding my PSP, and while I could recell my existing battery, I'd rather do that as a last resort. I just want a recommendation for a good third-party battery from a reputable seller (and it must be from first-hand experience, not basing anything off of online reviews)xvideos xnxx xxx
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    I am not interested in modding my PSP, and if I could resell my existing battery, I would prefer it as a last resort. Just take thesis help from us. I just want a recommendation for a good third party battery from a reputable vendor (and it must be firsthand experience, not establishing anything outside the online review)

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