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Questions about Skills

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    I have questions about Skills, and how to obtain specific ones. I have been playing Kingdom Hearts Union χ (Eng) for a few years now, and I still enjoy playing it daily on Bluestacks 4. I have been able to complete 645 levels on the Story Mode, and I don't move forward until all three Objectives are met for each level. I am currently trying to complete level 146 on Proud Mode. The Objectives are: 'Defeat all enemies withing 1 turn', 'Defeat 8 or more enemies', 'Trigger the skill Attack Boost II'. Easy right? I have been very lucky to have gotten 2 Attack Boost II skills over the years. Unfortunately, the Proud mode also has Conditions. "Only special attacks requiring 2 or fewer gauges allowed", and neither of my Medals with the Attack Boost II skill meet these conditions. I have never been able to figure out how to get specific skills that I have long needed. While the Avatar boards occasionally offer skills to purchase in exchange for Jewels, they don't have the ability to acquire specific skills. While I can accept that I will not be able to meet all three objectives, and still move forward, I find it very disappointing. I have been able to complete all three, on every singe level up to this point. I really want that 'Purple Hedgestar spirit parts' being offered for a limited time after completing those Proud Mode quests! It seems strange that none can be purchased in the Shop, with Jewels, real money, or through the VIP quests. The sporadic roll of the dice for Skills only being currently offered, doesn't make any sense. Especially now while they are pushing the Attack Boost X. While I'm sure they will eventually add quests requiring Attack Boost X, I just need the Attack Boost II skill for now. ...At least I don't think it can be bought? I'm kind of hoping I've wrong all this time, and I'm just too much of a dunce to have figured it out yet. lol So my question is this: Is there any way to get specific skills? Especially the lower level skills, normally best suited for beginners. Am I missing something? Is there a way? I have Googled about this many times over the years, but have never been able to find any answers. I figured the official forum would be the best place to ask. Any help on these questions would be much appreciated. Thank you! Edit: I found an answer for obtaining the 'Attack Boost II', and other beginner Skills. Doing the Tutorial quests under Events at any point, grants some basic skills! I thought I had done them before, and was playing it out of sheer boredom, and BOOM! Years later, and I'm still learning. Funny how that happened. Yep, turns out I am a dunce. lol I'm still interested in knowing if specific Skills can be obtained. If they can, please post!
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