I know this book has been out for a while. In case nobody has read it it's a tie-in novel to the game. I was interested so I bought it. It started off good and had some scenes that weren't in the game to tie some things together. Then the part that upset me was about 90% of the book was Lara's search for the daggar I believe then not making it and had to escape the cave instead. The entire last 3/4 of the book was Lara trying to get out of the cave and it didn't even cover the rest of the game. So that's disappointing as it made the game seem more interesting but I'll admit I got bored of her still being in the cave after a while. Are there more parts to the book or is that it? I don't know what I was expecting but I have the other two books Ten Thousand Immortals and Blade of Gwynnever, and I know they're not related to games directly but I did enjoy the books. I half thought this would be a sort of expanded story of the game I don't know why.

Has anyone else had the chance to read the book?