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Thread: Next-Gen Only TR?

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    Next-Gen Only TR?

    So if we believe all the rumors the PS5 and next Xbox are only a year away or so and they sound like they're be quite a leap in terms of power over the the PS4 and Xbox One. Now do you think/want the next Tomb Raider to be only on next-gen to take full advantage of more powerful and capable hardware?

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    Nope. I want to be able to play and I can't if it's next gen only. Simple as that.

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    I voted no too.
    I can't envision that the next gen consoles are going to be so much more "powerful" than the current ones. It's not like we've had a major technology breakthrough in the past 5 years that would make a difference. Therefore, there would be reason no limit the game to a single gen console.
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