Look I get it, you got a bunch of weapons in the game, however when people find the pair they like, they shouldnt be forced to switch "just cause"... ha see what I did there?

Anyway, it would be great if there was a generic ammo box you could summon in the supply drop, you can even use the normal cache box that's already in game filled with ammo that Rico can just pick up.

seriously, I had to waste two supply drops ordering the respective guns and the ammo it gave me was about 60 rounds, each, SERIOUSLY?! 60 rounds, and no secondary ammo.

what the heck, seriously, ammo box, and it should have enough to FILL you up. I mean you DO take over a weapons factory at the start of the game so it fits with the plot of the game that the resistance is manufacturing ammo.

ALSO, why the hell is this forum so empty??