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Thread: when does nightmare begin?

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    when does nightmare begin?

    Playing through on new game plus and just wondering when The Nightmare becomes playable.

    I've gone through all other dlc but nightmare isn't yet playable. At what point in the story will it kick in?

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    This seems to show how to access it. If you own it and it's installed, apparently it's supposed to show as a couple of side missions.

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    Yeah. I just got to upper Paititi. The mission is in my list of side missions, but no mission giver yet.

    i guess I have to play on a bit in the story first.

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    "The Mission of San Juan" is when it becomes available if anyone else wants to know.

    You must first reach that area before "the nightmare" becomes playable.

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    Please give us an idea what you think of The Nightmare after playing it a while, without spoilers of course. I've been tempted to get it.

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    Quotes not working for some strange reason.

    Nightmare is more about Lara's demons dealing with her family.

    Another puzzle tomb as well.

    It's worth it if you have the money. Don't know what you finances are like.

    Buying all of the DLC and starting a new game plus makes for a much better experience. I've stated before that
    adding on content in this manor hurts games at their release because you get a much smaller weaker version of the
    game. However if you are patient enough to wait around for all of the extras you end up with a strong game experience.

    What's sad is that many gamers aren't very patient and move on before it's all out there.

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