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Materia Discussions

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    Thanks guys you helped a lot!

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    Materia Discussions

    Hello, FMFlick here with a question for you all: Which materia customization do you prefer to put on Cloud? Your answers will help me on a project i'm currently doing. Most popular choice wins ^^

    Alright, to be more specific: What would be your favorite customization for Cloud at the point where CD1 ends (THAT scene with Aerith) or for the first CD in general.

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    Master materia magic,master command and mega all.

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    FMFlick you need to be more detailed fom what you want because the materias people constantly changes in the game here mine:

    Thunder materia + Cover-Counter Materia

    Thunder because Coud constantly face Shinra Machines,

    Cover and counter because Cloud show his coolness protect his friends and his limit break come faster and deadly.

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    I don't like grinding until end-game, so this is my mid-game setup:

    Leviathan: area effect and first 'powerful' elemental summon

    Odin: DEATH

    Comet: 'cause I wanna be just like Sephiroth

    Contain: quickly disable vulnerable opponents

    Destruct: DEATH

    Lightning: common elemental weakness in some locations

    Ultima: destructive, and cool animation

    Double Cut: 4x damage

    Counter: extra turn every time you're attacked

    Chocobo Lure: gotta catch 'em all! breeding!

    Counter Attack: Go ahead. I dare you to attack. See what happens.

    Cover: 'cause the girls are always trying to die!

    Long Range: half damage

    Luck Plus: extra hope for those 'oh crap,crap,crap' moments

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    After Aeris's death,You'll be going to that snowy place. Remember to get Alexander Summon Materia, Added Cut, and All Materia before you give the Black Materia to Sephiroth

    For something simple, You can Try my Favorite during the early game!

    1. Added Cut + Deathblow : Deathblow can either hit or miss, (if it hits, you're dealing a great deal of damage compared to an original attack) but the the Added Cut will always strike the enemies just like a regular attack. If successful, you're dealing 2x 2.5x the physical damage. If it's un successful, you're just dealing the same amount as a normal attack. Let's hope you don't miss both.

    --Equip Luck Materia for a better chance! =]


    2. Added Status + (Transform or Poison or Seal or Mystify) : Depending on what materia you chose to go with the Added Status Materia, your enemies will be receiving abnormal status effects when they get attacked.

    3. Elemental + ( Ice or Fire or Lightning or Earth) : Depending on which of these materias you chose to go with the Elemental Materia, You'll be dealing damage with the elemental effect. (IE: If you're fighting ice enemies, do Elemental + Fire. or if you're fighting Water Enemies, do Elemental + Lightning.) You'll be dealing up to 1.5x - 2X amount of damage if you're using the Elemental for the weapon slots. It's a different story for Armor slots. ( IE: If you are fighting an enemy that inflicts heavy fire damage, equip Elemental + Fire to your armor slot. It'll nullify 25%-50% of the damage done to you.


    4. 4x-Cut + Added Cut : Later on in the game when you get the 4x cut Materia , you can do 4x-Cut + Added Cut for 5 cuts. This will deal 5x ammount of damage compared to the normal regular attack.


    I think you know how to use ALL =]

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    You all use so much materia!

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    ok. i have just achieved the achievement.

    1) i did as Clayton mentioned above. got all the materia mastered.

    2) all your mastered materia required should not be equipped before that last battle to get the achievement

    3) the last one i required was shadow flare enemy skill, so i attacked the Dragon Zombie. did laser, he did shadow flare. killed him then got the achievement.

    4) i also had master summon, magic and command from the kalm traveler.

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    Materia Leveling Problem!

    I recently downloaded Final Fantasy VII to my laptop and I seem to be experiencing some issues increasing the level of my materia.

    For example: my fire materia is at level 1 and requires 896 AP points to increase to fire 2, but it says my current AP points are 1104!
    My fire materia should be at level 2 but is still at level one even though I seem to have enough AP points.

    I have noticed this with multiple other materia where I have exceeded the stated amount to increase in level. Has anyone had this problem as well? If so what did you do to fix this issue?

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    here is whats up, your fire materia needs eight hundred ninety six more ap to level for a total of two thousand ap. sorry about the no caps and long hand numbers, my phone function keys dont work right for this forum.

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    j'adore ce jeu mais la je galère avec la gestion de l'equipe et des matéria la touche [CHANGER]
    ne marche pas
    j'ai essayé de changer la config et toujours rien

    quelqu'un peut m'aider ????

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