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Thread: Why Rise hurt Shadow.

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    Why Rise hurt Shadow.

    Rise to me was a perfect 10 of a game.

    Flawless in every way from NPC's, to story, environments, drama, even the dlc.

    When Karen O belts out "I Shall Rise" and the credits roll every time I finish a play through I get chills up my spine.

    That game set the bar so exceedingly high for any game to follow that certainly it would fail in comparison, which is
    no knock on Shadow. Rise caught lightning in a bottle. Shadow should not have been expected to do the same.

    Games like Rise come along maybe a few times in a decade, and when they do we expect other games to reach that
    level of greatness, and they just can't. It was a perfect storm of creativity.

    Shadow is a great game however you look at it. It's just not Rise... and that's ok.

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    i am glad it is not like rise. at least this felt more like a tomb raider than shoot raider. while shadow has its flaws, it still gets a solid 8/10 from me.
    rise a 4/10.
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    ^So true, Metal!

    For me, Shadow is miles better than both Rise and TR13. Even with its flaws (and most of them stem from inherited issues of the Reboot), it finally felt closer to a true Tomb Raider experience. I honestly would really love to see what Eidos Montreal could do with a TR game free from the shackles of the Reboot.
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