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Thread: Bad checkpoints

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    Bad checkpoints

    The game's been out for a long time now and there still hasn't been a patch for checkpoints? Or do you actually think that it's reasonable for player to have to replay the same puzzle that they already solved twenty time.

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    But that's what we have manual saves for. I know there are some story sequences of critical sections where saving isn't possible. But having a sense of when you're about to enter a high risk stage is usually a good time to make a new save. Also not sure how it is on Xbox or Playstation, but on PC it seems like the sky is the limit... I have 80 manual save slots made.
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    I play on PC and honestly didn't have any painful memories of having to do puzzles over and over due to checkpoints. The only real frustration was navigating back to some places to pick up collectibles took a bit of figuring out sometimes, but nothing out of the ordinary.

    Which puzzles are you having checkpoint problems with?

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    They don't have manual saves on consoles. You can only save at camp fires.

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