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    No audio

    Hello, everyone.

    I just bought the game on Steam and there's no sound at all (no music, no sound, nothing). Also, the game freezes sometimes when I switch options (like audio options for example), and I can't even close the application, I have to force it to close. I just tried all the audio options and there are no changes, and the rest of the games don't have any audio issues.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The game is very buggy regarding audio. The in game menu freezes every time I switch to another mode, and I can't even see what it's switched to until I Ctrl+Alt+Del, End Task, then go back in game. I used to think it might be that it's not compatible with the DTS on my ASUS Prime Z370-A MB, as even after I select 5.1 the audio cuts out briefly here and there at what appear to be auto save points.

    After reading all the complaints about bugs from people playing the game though, it's seems to be just par for the course.

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