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Thread: Version 1.09 for PS4 - Free Trial... of what?

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    Version 1.09 for PS4 - Free Trial... of what?

    In version 1.09 for the PS4 there's a Free Trial functionality added, but free trial of what? Is it The Forge for the owners of the standard version of the game?
    Also, why aren't you updating the Patch Notes page: ?
    It's stuck at version 1.06 there...
    Another suggestion, explain better how to get The Forge DLC and the next ones, maybe with an "in-game message" on how to download it, if it's not downloaded automatically together with the patch update (that's what I don't understand).
    In the end I got it, but I think it's not very clear for everybody.
    Thank you.

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    "The free trial will be available on December 6th".
    OK, curiosity satisfied.
    It's only for the people who haven't already bought the game.

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