Every time I try to access the Forge of Destiny on a PS4 Pro I receive the following error message "This game session no longer exists". There is a workaround to this problem by unchecking the "Connect to the Internet" setting in the PS4 Network settings. This allows you to access the content.

What I want to know is why is this problem occurring and why hasn't the problem been fixed by now? This has been occurring ever since the DLC was released on Nov 13. 2018. Are all PS4 players experiencing this problem? Is this a PS4 Pro issue? I would have thought that by now if this were strictly a server issue that it would have been fixed by now. It could be some setting on my setup with either my router, modem, or some setting on the PS4 that I am not aware of. Unfortunately, I can find almost no information on the Internet about this issue.