Hi @ All,

at first sorry for my english, not my main language.

I have some troubles with my FPS.

im playing on Gaming Notebook: ROG GL702Vs.
i7 7700HQ
GTX 1070
16GB DDR 4
installed on SSD
Windows 10 Pro Newest Updates
Graphics on Newest Updates
Windows New Installed.

Well, i started to play on High, got from time to time Framedrops under 20FPS, i didnt could say why but okay, so i played with this drops until i was on the scene:

so and now i have 20 FPS while im looking to the House and 80 fps if im looking on different side.
So, here was the Point where i said, no i need to fix this, so i switched everything to Lowest setting for searching the bad setting causes my FPS Problem.
But! Hey on Lowest Settings i have exactly the same Problem, 20FPS on this direction and 80 on the other one. So wow, from here i tried nearly everything,
Installed my drivers new.
Switched G-Sync on/off
tried different Resolutions
and after all, installed my complete windows from new.

but nothing, same Problem, idk what i can do more, please i need some help, thanks guys.

Info: Performance of the Notebook is Great:
Forza Horizon 4 on Ultra 60FPS
Gears Of War 4 on Ultra 70-80FPS
Assassins Creed Odyssey on Ultra 45-70FPS
Fallout 76 on Ultra 60-80FPS

just this one game...