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Thread: Issues with new DLC and feature request

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    Issues with new DLC and feature request

    Finally got the Forge DLC installed, but haven't had a chance to play it much. It looks fun, but i wanted to report a small bug I noticed after installing it on my PS4. The new weapon that comes with the DLC is missing a clip/magazine and the reload animations show that its being reloaded by thin air. Is any one else seeing this?

    Also, I'd like to resurrect a request from the game launch. Please consider removing outfit restrictions in NG+ mode. It doesn't make a whole of sense to get new gear in DLCs and not be able to use it for 1/2 the game. This cuts down on re-playability especially since NG+ mode is all about tweaking the experience after completing the game the first time through. Thanks!
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    I have the same issue (im on ps4 too) and i was looking forward to use this gun but i guess ill have to wait for patch

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