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Thread: [31-10-2018] PC Patch Notes for patch (Patch #5)

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    [31-10-2018] PC Patch Notes for patch (Patch #5)

    We have just released the fifth PC patch for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, build This patch focuses primarily on a variety of gameplay issues and controller issues.

    This patch will be applied by Steam automatically when you next start the game. If your game does not update, please restart the Steam client. If your game does not start properly after downloading this update, please verify the integrity of your Steam game files.

    Fixes included in this patch:
    - Improved button visuals when using Steam Input
    - Fixed an issue where reloading just as you opened a locked strongbox would not make it count towards 100% completion.
    - Fixed a progression blocker in a Peruvian Jungle crypt, causing a stone pillar to disappear.
    - Fixed a progression blocker in Trial of the Eagle.
    - Fixed a progression blocker in the Mission of San Juan library.
    - Fixed a progression blocker in Laras dream.
    - Fixed an issue where Unuratu would become invisible during the prison escape.
    - Fixed an issue where jaguars would freeze in place.
    - Improvements to enemy AI perception.

    While we expect this patch to be an improvement for everyone, if you do have trouble with this patch and prefer to stay on the old version we have made a Beta available on Steam, Build 235.5, that can be used to switch back to the previous version.

    We will keep monitoring for feedback and will release further patches as it seems required. We always welcome your feedback!

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    Thanks for fixing Xbox One Controller support! But you shouldn't have removed the Deadzone for the aiming completely! The right stick on my controller now causing the camera/aiming to "drift". Please change the deadzone to 10-15% !

    Also when using either of new Official Eidos-Montreal Controller configurations the buttons all messed up. You should fix your configurations! The only configuration that works perfectly is called "Xbox one" by user "OnUr3" which can be found in "Community" section of the Config Browser.

    For those who don't know how to change controller configuration:

    • right-click on "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" in your games Library and select "Edit Steam Controller Configuration" (the controller must be turned on when right clicking on the game's title, otherwise this option will not be shown in drop down menu).
    • in the next window click on "BROWSE CONFIGS" button below then click on the desired config and click on "APPLY CONFIGURATION" button below.
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    It's strange but I just restarted a game and the buttons were all messed up again. I switched to the Official Eidos-Montreal controller config and the buttons now restored.

    And I now noticed the left stick is also causing a "Drift effect" and Lara sometimes walks by herself. So please make the Deadzone for both sticks like in Rise of the Tomb Raider it's perfect there.

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    Manual reloading is not working when using Xbox One Controller! The "X" button works for interactions but not for reloading. I can only reload using my keyboard. Please fix this!

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    All my problems mentioned above go away when I turn off "Xbox Configuration Support" in Steam settings. But doing so also disables Steam's Big Picture menu in game. I need that menu! Please fix this!

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    Free the Rebels progress block bug not fixed yet?!

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    Exclamation Collection of Graphics and Audio Bugs 0.

    Hi, I have few bugs to report.

    Visual bugs in Hidden City:
    Tessellation bugs:
    and here:
    and in many many other places...
    It seems that tessellation data is stored in textures with wrong border addressing mode (something like D3D12_TEXTURE_ADDRESS_WRAP, ...)

    Bird bug - this bird flies into the rock

    Lighting / LOD bug:

    Audio bugs:
    Audio stops playing when entering new area:
    and many other places...

    These audio bugs where not present in older version of the game. It seems that the game loads new area and stop all sounds from playing. Changing the graphical settings does not help.

    I have quite high spec...
    Nvidia 1080ti
    Ryzen 1800x 4000GHz
    32GB Ram 3000GHz
    SSD disk in M.2 slot

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