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Thread: The Game Reset to L1 For The 2nd Time!

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    Exclamation The Game Reset to L1 For The 2nd Time!

    I lost all progress in your game yet again. The first time it happened, I was L39. It happened again today, when I was already L40. I don't understand why your game doesn't support Google Saved Games when the Google Play Games app has to be installed in order to play your game anyway? And why doesn't the Facebook login work? It keeps giving me errors every time I try to use it, so the progress in the game can't be saved through Facebook, either. If those two options had worked, I would have been able to get the lost progress back.

    I'm sorry but I gave your game a 1-star rating (although I really loved it otherwise) because I think the lack of a working method of backing up one's progress in the game is a huge downside, especially since the game seems to be having a problem with getting reset back to L1 around levels 39 - 40.
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