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Thread: Cannot fast travel - why???

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    Cannot fast travel - why???

    Playing in Deadly Obsession mode.
    My checkpoint is at the Cenote temple ruins.
    I've realised I'll need to upgrade skills and weapons to get past the next section (I'm not a great shoot 'em up player).
    So the developers have decided to grey out fast travel at this base camp.
    But there is no way back and, for me, no way forward.
    Managed to clear the first area only to be killed during the next encounter.

    Greying out fast travel from the one checkpoint you allow me to reload from is just not well thought out.

    Can this be fixed? (or at least replied to by Square Enix...

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    Yeah, this is just a "chapter" that blocks fast travel until you complete the mission. I completed it twice (on my NG+ at the momement) and it happened that way both times. It's for *narrative direction*, that Lara is committed to this path from beginning to end. As lots of games with FT do, to convey the importance of said mission as a "point of no return".So if you're having difficulty, you're only recourse is to reload from an earlier save point, if you have one still mid-mission, or before you begin the Cenote, and stock up on gear to be better prepared. Maybe even do some exploration and challenge tombs to level up, if you haven't already.
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