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Thread: Survival cache bug Cozumel

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    Unhappy Survival cache bug Cozumel

    Cannot believe it, the northern-most survival cache did not register on the tally for Cozumel.
    I have 3 greyed out survival caches but the legend at the top is showing 2/3.

    My last collectible towards the completionist trophy...

    Seriously I hope that our feedback gets back to the development team because it really is not good enough that this game has been released but obviously not adequately tested.

    This game had the potential to be great, and it has been wrecked purely because it was pushed out too early.

    There seems to be a tendency to go down the auto-save model route and that is an added frustration when we cannot go back and try something else or have a save ready for when a patch is released.

    (I'm on a PS4 - not sure about other platforms).


    I left the game, selected "Load Game" from the menu and when I went back in the Completionist trophy popped. Something is still not right, but happy not to have to replay and chase around for all the collectibles again.
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