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Thread: I do not believe that the graphics are high definition

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    I do not believe that the graphics are high definition

    I have two Xbox One systems, the Halo 5 one and an Xbox One S, connected to two different HD televisions. Both show similar graphics; it looks "soft focus" when playing and "Rise of the Tomb Raider" looks sharper. Watching the launch trailers at 1080 shows video that does indeed look like HD and it looks much sharper focus than what I see when playing the game. A screenshot shows 1080 but I found a further clue. In the camp menus when choosing a weapon/outfit, Lara shuffles around and when her legs are just off vertical, there are double lines of pixels clearly visible (helps to have good legs/background contrast). The outcome is I think the game is actually standard definition that is then fudged to look like high definition by averaging nearby pixels. Am I alone in this observation?

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    Yeah that's correct because SotTR only has 900p on Xbox One S, you need an Xbox One X to get 1080p@60 or 4k@30.

    But i also must say that even on the Xbox One X it isn't native 4K but 2016p (3584 x 2016) which is only 87% of native 4K.

    Also the standard PS4 has 1080p at least but the 4K on the Pro is worse with only 1872p (3328 x 1872) which is 75% of native 4K.

    So for the best experience play it on Xbox One X.

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    Thanks for that comment, bVriIUInENzfgZaI. That probably explains it but does that mean that "Rise" is actually a higher-spec game? It does actually look like 1080 when I play it.

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