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Thread: Please add a toggle to remove the tutorial prompt/messages

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    Exclamation Please add a toggle to remove the tutorial prompt/messages

    Please Square-Enix, yous should add a toggle, or an option to remove those annoying tutorial prompts/messages.

    They appear from beginning until the end. It's good to have them once, two times, three... but endless? Yes, after hours playing we know how to air underwater or how to gripple. They are annoying and break the immersion.

    And I have the feeling that they are totally glitched and random.

    It's strange because you developers put a lot of time and efforts giving to the players a lot of options of accessibility and different level of difficulty. And we can't hide the tutorials messages?

    Please insert an option to customize them in the next patch. the game is a little gem but it's ruined by this stupid thing!


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    I want this option please for a next patch.

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    Yeah would be a perfect option.. Annoying having those tutorial messages popping up everytime.. x.x

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