Final Fantasy XV Day One Edition shows up as Windows Edition when using add to home on my Xbox One X console, I don't no if you guys knew about this error or not. so far this bug has not been fixed on my new Console yet, again it does not effect the game playing it seems to only link it to the wrong gamehub, under games and apps it reads correctly for the store, but under the gamehub its linking it to the windows edition store, instead of the correct Xbox One Edition which the disc is. link below was a post I did with images showing this error , again its only seems to effect the Day One Edition from Prime seller it was and is where my parents got this game for me from a few years ago, the disc plays fine on my xbox one x console but it still reading it as Windows Edition, but I don't have access to the Windows Edition just the Xbox One Disc version, that came out way before that royal add-on was released or disc version.