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Thread: BUGS! Brothers Monolith Cache and Champion Bow mission

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    BUGS! Brothers Monolith Cache and Champion Bow mission

    Hello. I've noticed that many are talking about some of the same glitches, and here are mine in the hopes that they will get fixed (PS4):

    1. "Four Brothers" monolith cache in Hidden City. There is nothing where it's supposed to be, it's like it doesn't exist. How can a game be missing its collectibles? The monolith is still white, and clue is still there, but no cache where it's supposed to be at.

    2. The Champion Bow side mission. Received mission many, many times and the markers never come up. I've even gone to the wall you're supposed to go through and its sealed by rock.

    I realize the game has been released for over a week now, but is there going to be a patch (very soon) for this? I played the other TR games well after release, but nothing more anticlimactic than to play the game and look to wrap up collectibles and missions and get the corresponding trophies, and to be dead in the water. I mean I've done everything, I'm at 99.76%. Not going to start a new game until this is fixed or try to go after everything again. Planned on playing this one for awhile, but I can't move forward.

    How do these glitches happen?
    Is there going to be a patch soon for these glitches?
    How do you report a detailed bug (Square Enix has it for Final Fantasy)? Communication with company very limited, don't know what and if they're doing anything about these things with no feedback.

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    Is this forum moderated? Do these Square Enix guys give any feedback? I'm seeing in one way or another people are not getting all the collectibles, etc. This was a seamless process in the other 2 TR games. Is someone, in the dev department, going to do something? This is very frustrating and some feedback would be nice. Is there going to be a patch? Are the dev's aware of this problem?
    Right now I'm seeing glitches and bugs, including this forum working correctly.
    Is anyone from Square Enix going to do anything about these reported glitches and bugs?

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