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Thread: (Xboe One X) Relics,.. not added to Collections anymore after specific amount!!!!!!

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    Exclamation (Xbox One X) Relics,.. not added to Collections anymore after specific amount!!!!!!

    So yeah i tested it now with a save at start of San Juan with everything collected but the ones in San Juan and it doesn't matter in which order i pick them up, after a specific amount (usually the last 4) doesn't get added to the collections.

    So it's definitely impossible to 100% in one playtrough even in Deadly Obsession.

    I suppose it's some space limitation, because the order where i pick them up doesn't matter, but the amount, it's always the last 4 Relics, Docs or Murals that don't get added.

    Please fix it asap because i can't continue now, i still have a save where i can pick up till the last 4 but yeah it happened on all 3 saves i had, i can now backup the one that still works to a second slot but i need patch to fix that now to continue the game!

    EDIT: Tested right where i was and i was able to get the Mural beneath 'Testament of T. Serrano' Document added, but picking up the 'Testament of T. Serrano' Document doesn't add it, no matter if i do the mural first or the 'Testament of T. Serrano' Document.

    EDIT2: And another Test, if i run up to the 'Testament of T. Serrano' Document it ads and finish the collection, but then the 'Thirsty Gods' Mural don't get added. So it's definitely a amount or space problem, did the coder calculate some storage wrong or what?

    EDIT3: Third Test and it's confirmed! I now picked the last 'Primitive Doll' instead and it completed the collection, but then 'Testament of T. Serrano' Document and 'Thirsty Gods' Mural wasn't added! So clearly a wrong calculated Inventory space and it bugs out on San Juan if Players get really 100% everything till then.

    So i'm sorry but FULL STOP! and i can't/won't progress any further now till this really cheap bug is fixed!

    EDIT4: I also now tested to sell everything i can and then trying to pick up more than one ... didn't work, can still only pick exactly one collectible, not matter which one and all subsequent one s i pick up won't get added!

    Ohh and also here a not so funny facts for you Squenix, this bug even punishes the people that bought the expensive Croft Edition more , because they get more Outfits and Weapons, which takes space away from the (outfits, weapons, attachments and artifacts) shared inventory space, which then prevents the 100% and Dr.Croft Achievement!

    Really nice of you, i will remember that gift i got next time i consider purchasing something from you!

    And now please asap release a patch for that silly bug, if possible before i redo everything without buying any weapons, outfits etc. to test if it works, because you really wasted already enough of my time and my anger for sure won't decrease if i redo everything and run in that bug again because i bough the expensive Croft Edition instead the cheap one.

    I think this really should be worth an Hotfix, don't you think?

    I mean hey this bug now punishes customers that bought the Croft Edition?!
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    I also tested further and the same bug is also responsible for not getting Outfits from Sidemissions, i collected the last 4 Collectibles in San Juan that then didn't get added and finished the game, of course i didn't get Mankos Armor and also all the Story Collectibles.

    This bug is probably the worst of the whole game, unbelievable the Testers didn't catch this one, it's and absolute game breaker!

    If users get all weapons and Attachements, especially if they bought the Croft Edition with all the additional Weapons and Outfits but also the Golden Skin Weapons, the Bug causes that the last 4 Collectibles in San Juan (Order they get them doesn't matter) to not being added and Artefact Collection not finished.

    Additionally they also won't get all the Story Collectibles and the Outfits from the last Side Mission on Paititi.

    The Bug also causes that the Dr. Croft and 100% Achievement won't unlock, which is probably the worst of all after spending 50 Hours in Deadly Obsession carefully hunting everything down.

    This Bug needs to be hotfixed as fast possible else you will earn many many many angry customers!

    Currently the only workaround for Croft Edition owners is to start a full new game and COLLECT EVERYTHING AGAIN while not purchasing any Weapons, Attachments and Outfits at all, else the Bug happens again!

    Seriously, i can't imagine a worse bug, it's a catastrophe for an AAA Title especially on Consoles where people can't simply unlock bugged achievements like on Steam.

    It also would be nice if there would be some feedback from Squenix like reassurance it will be fixed soon to calm people a bit down, because this is truly a catastrophe for a Game like this even more so because it affects the customers that bought the expensive Croft Edition the most and they now also are the one punished the most.

    Ohh and i had Kantus Vest not crafted at the and crafted it and you know what happened? It turned into a purple broken heart Icon, yeah you like 'Run out of Storage!' hilarious!
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