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Thread: Skill tree needs revamping.

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    Skill tree needs revamping.

    Now I'm sure some people will disagree with me, but I feel like the skill tree has a pretty poor layout. There are some rather overpowered skills that cost only one skill point and are in your initial unlocked skills. And in order to unlock other skills you're forced to add points to those overpowered ones first.

    Like really, you can unlock the no slip ability instantly at your very first campfire, that's insane that makes it so that there won't be ever even one climbing portion in the game where you're worried that you may miss a button press and slip. And I know some of you may say just don't unlock that skill, well as I said above you have to unlock that one to unlock adjacent ones, etc.

    There are several others too that I feel that are available instantly and are far too powerful for far too cheap a cost such as the ability to silent kill an enemy with other enemies nearby, again that should be something available to you later on once you've already unlocked a few things and probably cost more skill points as well. Agree or disagree with me this is just my two cents on the skill tree.

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    I agree on the layout, it's horrid to look at, and the three giant (pointless) blocks in the middle do nothing to help.
    I do have to say though say I was happy to see that completing the challenge tombs allows the more advanced skills to be unlocked earlier.
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