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Thread: 2 Gamebreaking bugs + suggestion

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    2 Gamebreaking bugs + suggestion

    First of all. Game runs quite smooth 99 % of the time. Its great. better optimized than Rise was.
    However, there are a few problems so far as expected.

    Nr 1:----- Stuttering happens randomly. Specifically in big tombs. Sometimes my game freezes. FOr 5 seconds of 40 seconds. Then returns to normal. I hardly ever crash. Just freezing. As if I was doing a quick-save.
    My PC specs aren't the issue. my PC is stronger than whats recommended. All is perfect.
    I noticed tabbing out of the game causes severe lag too for a bit. Rise had the same problem. I reckon day 1 patch will fix it hopefully. But now you know.

    Nr 2:----- Big and infuriating one here = The totally uncontrollable SUDDEN camera change DURING jumps.
    I cannot explain how *** agravating this is when I am 10-15 minutes into a tomb or just trying some leap, grabbing an auto jump pole that swings me directly towards a wall I can grab only to have the camera swing 180 + degrees to the RIGHT or left... And I fall to my death.... over and over. Because the camera adjusts Lara's movement midair too. Its a recipe for absolute disaster when the camera is so eager to show me the way.

    I'm literally writing this thread right now because it has happened 4 times in a row in the Hidden City story area that you go to with the queen's Kid. You squeeze into a wall, proceed to a jumping challenge.
    Its blood boiling level of annoying because the camera is obviously trying to help BUT...problem is instead of triggering the camera change upon arriving on the wall, it hooks your face mid jump and gruesome faceplant death against mega rock follows.

    Please fix this ASAP. At least the 2nd one. Its absolutely terrible because I'm playing on max difficulty and that means NO checkpoints at all. Dying sends me back. A long bloody way and it quickly gets hairpulling level of ARGH when I die this way.
    It hasn't happened a lot. had issues with it in maybe 4 areas of the game and I'm like 15 hours in. But when it does happen... its unbelivably annoying.

    Let alone the constant TERROR... of pondering WHAT IF.... the camera s me during this jump. What...IF... when I'm 15 minutes in or longer. Or haven't sat at a campfire for 30 minutes because hard puzzle or alike... what if it suddenly says "OY, OVER HERE!!"

    I know. It sounds hilarious but its really not when you're the one losing 20 minutes of progress. lol.

    I hope you can adjust this soon. I love the game. Much more than Rise. You've done a fantastic job on everything including accepting a lotta feedback. Thanks for that.

    last notes: Also. Please consider throwing in checkpoints for max difficulty. I get its supposed to be hard and I love that. But the total lack of checkpoints is really far more annoying and overly punishing than adding to the games difficulty. It just makes me more annoyed losing 15-20 minutes + of progress than making me feel like " Okay. Gotta git gut and beat this challenge"

    Consider it. There is a difference between challenge and punishing
    Thank you.

    BTW: pardon the language. Dying this way got on my nerves real bad.
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    TLDR but i recommend to disable camera auto centering, it doesn't remove those annoying "take control away from gamers and switch to a perspective where they hopefully dies" issues, but it' makes running around it a bit more bearable.

    Also yeah there could have been at least some checkpoints even in Deadly Obsession, like it would fair if there would be one after the Riddle in Path of the Living, because it sucks to repeat that and all the cutscenes only because you died on the piranhas.

    And yeah some mechanics are a bit inconsistent or suffers from input delay, which is very annoying, especially if there are no checkpoints at all and you die only because the mechanic did what it wants instead what you wanted.

    I had many moments where i screamed "are you dumb"at the screen, because it didn't do what i did, later it changed into "are they dumb" because it obviously isn't Lara's fault...

    I also have stuttering and screen tearing issues in big areas, they should really add tripple buffering + vsync, dynamic resolution, especially on Xbox One X, because i think it shouldn't stutter and tear with that hardware.

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    Thanks for the few tips man. Lets hope they tweak the game a bit. Its so god damn annoying when it happens. I died 6 more times the same F'ing place after I posted this thread. Hahaha. God damn I was getting pissed at that camera.

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