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Thread: Game-breaking bug?

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    Game-breaking bug?


    I might have encountered a game-breaking bug which prevents the player from advancing the story.
    During the "Eye of the Serpent" mission the player has to open two gates using water streams.
    To open the second gate the player has to remove the debris at the bottom of one pillar in a pool (as can be seen here). This is, at least in my game, not possible.

    Maybe I'm dumb and I'm missing something important - otherwise I currently see no way to advance in the game.
    Thanks a lot for any helpful answers.

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    In order to determine whether you are encountering a bug, or missing a step, can you step by step describe what you did when reaching this area?

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    After I opened the first gate I went on to the second one. There I fought some of the appearing creatures and then checked the area for clues. It seemed obvious to me that I needed to direct the water to the waterwheel. The one pillar in the pool is blocked by some debris at the bottom which prevents it from being moved via the rope arrow mechanism. I jumped into the pool, swam in front of the pillar with the debris and searched for the area where the context-sensitive button for "use" should appear - without any success. I searched the whole area for any other clues and checked the available solutions on the internet which told me that my thought process was the correct one. Since I was not able to clear the debris, I am pretty sure to have encountered a bug.

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    Thank you.

    We will not spoil the solution for you, but based on the description you gave us we are confident that there is no bug stopping you from completing this puzzle.

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    Alright, I will give it another try then. I was just wondering because all the available solutions online did exactly what I wanted to but wasn't able to do. That's why I thought I might have encountered a bug. But if that's not the case, I really might have missed something. Thanks a lot for your help
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