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Thread: (Xbox One X) Massive stutters, tearing, flickering in open areas like Kuwaq Yaku

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    Exclamation (Xbox One X) Massive stutters, tearing, flickering in open areas like Kuwaq Yaku

    It's also already bad in High Frame Rate Mode, but absolutely catastrophic in High Resolution Mode where it's like a stroboscope effect.

    This certainly should be possible to fix, i played Far Cry 5 which has much bigger open areas on the Xbox One X before and i didn't have any stutters or screen tearing.

    In High Frame Rate Mode it's barely tolerable but in High Resolution Mode it's almost unplayable because the whole Screen flickers like a stroboscope while panning the cam (especially Kuwaq Yaku).

    I also already shut it down completely and restarted the game and it didn't change anything.
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    I'm playing on the One X with pretty much no performance issues in High Resolution Mode.

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    I'm playing it on a very low latency Panasonic Plasma TV and the tearing and stuttering is real.

    I now also found others with the same issue, so i'm not alone, and some tech sites are even suggesting to use triple-buffer, vsync and dynamic resolution to get rid of the tearing, stuttering and drops that occurs on Xbox One X. They also clearly said that the game needs an title update to fix that and other performance issues in areas with a lot of foliage.

    But the stroboscope like flickering could also come from a HDR issue, i remember that another game had a similar issue with almost the same symptoms but a bit less severe and it got patched later. And Far Cry 5 also had a such issue with white flickering, but again less severe and it got patched too. All those was issues with the HDR implementation and different TV brands.

    I now also disabled auto camera centering, because it really sucks, it felt like if someone else is controlling my controller in between while running around. I also hoped it lowers the screen tearing a bit, but it didn't, so i hope there will be an title update soon that will fix it.

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    There's something about Kuwaq Yaku that just doesn't play right. Anytime I return there (usually near the market) the game freezes and I get a "streaming" loading icon at the bottom of the screen, then a minute or so later it unfreezes.
    One X also for me.
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    I now got those 'we're waiting for streaming' freezes too now, after the 1GB patch came, didn't have a single one before.

    Also the Screen Tearing is atrocious on Xbox One X and i now know why, it's because they use Adaptive Vsync instead of Full Vsync and because the Game only reaches steady ~56fps with dips over 60fps it tears and stutters, on the PS4/PS4Pro there is no stuttring or tearing at all, even if the PS4 only has 30FPS and the PS4Pro only gets to 53FPS because they use Full Vsync.

    I really don't understand why they not enable Full Vsync on the Xbox One/Xbox One X because it's for sure the better experience without stutter and tearing.

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