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Thread: Croft Edition has 'Achievements not supported' Error on Xbox One X

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    Unhappy Croft Edition has 'Achievements not supported' Error on Xbox One X

    Yeah, so i got my pre-ordered Croft Edition for Xbox One X 48h earlier like promised but can't play it.

    I installed it and it also downloaded the 7gb Day one patch and all the extra weapons and costumes ... but there are no Achievements and i get an 'Achievements not supported' error.

    So 48h early access probably means, you get the game 48h earlier, but not that you can play it 48h earlier...

    Ohh well, first those still not fixed "golden child" and "way to go" Rise of the Tombraider achievements bugs on Xbox One X and now Shadow of the Tombraider apparently doesn't support Achievements on Xbox One X...

    Not exactly a good start, isn't it?

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    It's now 9h ago that i got and installed it and 8h ago since i posted here ... and there was no answers yet and the Xbox One X still shows an "Achievements not supported" error...

    Squenix, get your stuff together!

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    Alright, has been fixed now, after total 11 hours. I now finally can start playing, thanks!

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