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Thread: Dominguez: "It's all your fault." Hypocrite, much?

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    Dominguez: "It's all your fault." Hypocrite, much?

    I don't understand why Dominguez berates Lara, telling her the apocalypse was her fault. As if he wasn't planning on taking the dagger and the box to manipulate the world. If Lara didn't take the dagger, he probably would have...and then everything would have been his fault, so I don't know why he's harping on.

    Unless he planned on somehow using the dagger and the silver box without removing the dagger from its place, he needs to be quiet.

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    It's hard to say since we haven't played the game yet, but basically you need both items - the dagger and the box - to do whatever Dominguez wants to do, but if you take the dagger without having the box it brings about the apocalypse.

    If I'm not misremembering things, there's even a scene where Dominguez asks Lara if she has the box and when he realizes she doesn't is when he tells her she's caused the apocalypse.

    So I think Dominguez was planning on getting the box first and then go for the dagger and by using the two items together, he could reshape the world or whatever without causing an apocalypse in the process.

    Now it's also worth noting that Dominguez might be playing mind games with Lara. There was an interview with Jill Murray, Shadow's writer, where she kept saying Lara thinks she's responsible for causing the apocalypse. IDK, the way she said it made me think that maybe there's more to it.
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