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Thread: Hitman - News and Updates

Hitman - News and Updates

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    Hitman - News and Updates

    Welcome to the Hitman series thread.
    Running into issues? Then make sure to contact our support center.


    Any news for physical retail version in North America Is coming? please Square Enix
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    A: No.

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    Why???????? Is there problem in America?

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    Reply to my question? Why

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    Alright. Yes, there are problems in America. A big heap of 'em at that.


    Apparently, it was decided that a downloadable version of the game would be more profitable. More and more games are being sold as digital downloads only nowadays.

    Still, you can easily import a physical copy of [HITMAN: ABSOLUTION] from Europe.

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    There's no "Contact Us" link, even though the "How To Use This Page" link states there is.

    And I'm trying to contact Square Enix Customer Support regarding a problem with the Hitman Sniper Challenge. Which also states to go to the support page and click the "Contact Us" link (and there's no button for Hitman Absolution on the support page).

    Easiest way to lose money is to make customers run in circles trying to get help.

    Also, why do I have to make a separate Square Enix account for the Hitman Sniper Challenge instead of using the one I already registered?

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    That first link you provided is for BLOOD MONEY, not Absolution.

    And I don't know why you provided that second link. I see someone else complaining about the lack of "Conact Us," and then you made a post with a picture that looks absolutely nothing like the support page.

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    GG4ever, let me look into this.

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    I consulted with our support staff and they ask that if you have any concerns for the HITMAN: SNIPER CHALLENGE to please address them on the support page for HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY or to simply contact our direct line: 310-846-0345

    There will be a support page for HITMAN: ABSOLUTION upon release of the title on November 20th, but no page will be created for the HITMAN: SNIPER CHALLENGE.

    I'm sorry for the confusion.

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    Well,I used the Blood Money contact form yesterday shortly after you told me, and I still haven't gotten a response, so maybe I can just post my problem here?

    I pre-ordered Hitman Absolution for the PC at a GameStop in-person. Both the Hitman Absolution website and GameStop website advertise a code for the Hitman Sniper Challenge, but there was no code on my receipt. The store clerk told me to e-mail GameStop customer support for a code; I did e-mail GameStop customer support, and they told me to contact Square Enix customer support. It's really frustrating to keep being told, "Oh, well go talk to that person over there" and to top it off, not having an easy time finding any way to message Square Enix customer support.

    My GameStop preorder number is "03214/02 - 051" and I can provide a scan of my receipt if need to. Can I please get a code for the Hitman Sniper Challenge for PC/Steam?

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    Hey, if my money's not good enough for Square Enix, either let me know or keep ignoring me and I'll gladly cancel my pre-orders for Hitman Absolution and the Agent 47 Play Arts Kai figure.

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    Unless it's counterfeit, I cannot see what would be wrong with it. Use your money as you please.

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    New Hitman: Absolution Living Breathing World Trailer

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    Like the Title says ill get an DirectX Error on Hitman Aboslution for Pc

    Theres some Error Message after "DirectX Error and must be closed"
    some DXGI_Error_Device_Removed.... and some Mem stats from System
    and Graphical Device where everywhere stands 0

    This is the Message i get after this

    Please fix it because its not my System i have enough Power for this game to Max
    all out and all my Drivers are up to date.

    My System

    Amd Phenom X4 955 BE
    Asus GTX 670 DC2
    8GB Ram 1333
    Windows 7 64Bit

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    Having the same problem

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    GTX 680
    Z78 V mobo
    8gb of RAM
    Win 7 64bit

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    I only unlock the sniper rifle but not the other stuffs like the magazine well and rapid fire upgrades and etc. What do I do?

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    square enix or eidos dont know but they said they working on it tested now four different nvidia drivers but dont help only crash is changing from directx error to display driver stopped working and reduced gpu clock maybe test some settings and control panel i think its a communication problem between game and driver and i see this problem only on nvidia at the moment, naaa amd evolved pfff ^^

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    I am getting this as well. Error code: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED.

    I am running i7 2600K, with 8GB RAM, Nvidia GForce GTX 570 with latest drivers. I should not be seeing an issue like this. We need a patch asap please Square...

    Edit: I have turned off "Depth if Field" and SSAO from advanced graphics settings and this seemd to work just fine. No more crashes. Hope this helps.

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    I'm having the same problem, got the breathing unlocks but not the weapon ones... =\

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    Im having the same error code, but it dousnt always pop up in a window. Someone please help, i like this game and i've been cut from the rest of it at birdies gift chapter. I dont want this game to be spoiled by this FIX PLEASE, Note the depth of field and ssao trick didnt work

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    I am not getting an option to redeem my upgrades. I registered the game and nothing happened. Am I missing something?

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    Same thing for me

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    How did you make to unlock weapon and upgrades from the sniper challenge

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