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Final Fantasy XV Carbuncle question

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    Final Fantasy XV Carbuncle question


    I would like to ask a question for the Final Fantasy XV PlayStation Pro Version.

    After having played the Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo two times a few months ago, Carbuncle could not be aquired in my Final Fantasy XV Day One Steelbook Edition.
    He just does not appear, Carbuncle is not unlocked, after having finised Final Fantasy XV for 3 times he was not on one single photo, and when dying there is only a short time-freeze and the two words "RUBY LIGHT" appear on my screen when Noctis goes down.

    Here are some screenshots from finishing the Platinum Demo (German version) while that demo was avaiable the second time for a short time in... I think it was in February 2018:

    Finishing this demo did not unlock Carbuncle for my Steelbook FFXV.

    My question is:
    Is Carbuncle activated when I buy the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition in PlayStation store, or is Carbuncle still missing and not existent in the Royal Edition like in the German Steelbook Day 1 Edition?
    I really want this cute little furry Yokai appearing on Promptos photos, and appearing when Noctis goes down, otherwise a huge part of the mystic flair of that game is completely cut out!
    Removing this Yokai-like pet follower removes a huge part of the game`s mysticism and cuteness.

    Thanks for answering my question, I already have every single DLC and outfit for my Steelbook Day 1 FFXV, but I would buy the Royal Edition which is currently for sale if Carbuncle is fully unlocked and completely integrated in the new Royal Edition as photo-bomber for Promptos Photos, and when Noctis goes down.

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    As far as I'm aware he only appears when you summon him when Noctis's HP reaches zero, this doesn't change in the Royal Edition. You can find him in the training room, but not in the main story. He was in the Choco Mog Festival where you could take photos of him (he followed you around, it was so cute) but that's it.

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