You know, when Deus Ex 3 was announced I was ecstatic. I jumped on the forums as soon as I was able.

The topic that most interested me was the ideas about secret societies in Deus Ex and how our government is really controlled by nefarious forces. At some point on the forums I was introduced to Alex Jones, someone had posted Endgame as a reference for conspiracy content and I watched it probably 3 times.

I don't know if any of you remember who I was back then, I posted a lot of crap and upset a lot of people, I really fell down the rabbit hole hard. I feel my consent ramblings actually had some effect on the game itself too, but I just wanna say I apologize for doing that at the time I was young dumb and stupid.

I realize know what really pushed me over the edge was the combination of Alex Jone's words matching up with the vision that Deus Ex provides. It's like almost identical when you think about it. Mass depopulation, false flags everywhere, super secret government control groups, the Illuminati. It's almost like Alex Jones had some part in the design process...

No, I'm not suggesting a conspiracy theory here.

But think about this. Ion Storm was located in Austin Texas when Deus Ex was in development around 1996-2000. Guess who was on local TV in Austin Texas starting in 1995?

Alex Jones.

I have no doubt that Warren Spectator was probably flipping through the TV when he stumbled on Alex Jones. Maybe he didn't realize it, but it might have been the inspiration for Deus Ex itself. Alex Jones, of course, who makes a living ting on gamers, ether never noticed this or never cared.

Really as someone who jumped on the 9-11 truth bandwagon, Alex Jones was the worst thing to ever happen to that movement. He's a menace and really I'm kinda glad he's not on youtube anymore, people need to be careful with what they say, he clearly broke the terms of service. I just wish youtube would point out what he did specifically so the rest of us can avoid making the same mistake.

So again I apologize to the Deus Ex community. My constant posting of Alex Jones vids no doubt had an impact on DX:HR, but alas you can see now why Alex Jones was so in-fixings for me. it's partly a love for this game we all fell in love with.

Oh and also sorry for Trump... I may have accidentally helped that happen too. *guess I underestimated my own impact*