Hi Deus Ex Team

Unfortunately i don't have good news about this game

I have been struggling to cope of this game due this debilitating bug/System Crash continuously with this game

I have tried looking through other forums and youtube in attempt to resolve this problem and make this game playable again.

All my attempts failed
- Reinstall the game from scratch + lovely patch download
- Removing all saved files

The game look awesome but it will have to benched untill there is a known fix for this title.

Please point in the correct direction and re-initializing my PS4 is not the solution , as i have this problem on all 3x of my PS4 system==> all my other games work fine.

Problem occurs
- first time visit to Head quarters at the beginning of the game , crashes on the elevator
- Restart the game from scratch i.e. + 10 times same issue
- latest crash starting from a new game, crashes occurs when Jensen starts moving + 15sec ...

this is really disappointing as i am starting to enjoy the game

Please help help help ==> your best Agent is down

This is really my last attempt and decided to create this tread.

PS: will not recommended this game to any of my reviewers