Dear Customer services

I'm having a nightmare with MZ/Epic Action who Square Enix has granted license to MZ/Epic Action to use the Final Fantasy brand in there mobile APP game Final Fantasy XV:A New Empire. I've been playing the game since day one and for the last 6 months I've been facing serious abuse and harassment as well as sexual homosexual in game content messages.

MZ/Epic Action don't feel they have a responsibility to safeguard there players against server abuse and harassment of the horrendous nature that I've faced over the last 6 months. I've reported them to Google Play as they are violating the Google Play Developers Policy as well as the Google Play distributors terms. The harassment and abuse is so extreme that I'm fearing real life repercussions.

I need to report this to Square Enix as the fact you've licensed to MZ/Epic Action and it reflects extremely badly on the Final Fantasy brand.

Can you please give me the contact details of who to send my complaint too

Many thanks