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Thread: *SPOILERS* LiS Final Choice After Playing the Farewell Episode

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    *SPOILERS* LiS Final Choice After Playing the Farewell Episode


    Disclaimer: English is not my mother tongue, so please bear with me ))

    I may be wrong, but it seems to me that it takes to be an adult to really enjoy the Life is Strange. Well, I do not know how teens react to this game, so let me speak for myself. I am a forty-year old guy who has a teenage son already, and though not a heavy gamer, did play a number of games of different genres. Yet none of them affected me that much, none created such a strong feeling of empathy as LiS. No, I did not cry like a girl at the end, but I was pretty close to it.

    As most of you I played both major choices, just to see all the endings, but my ultimate choice was a very immature one (probably non-canonical as well): I have chosen to sacrifice Arcadia Bay. Sure enough, I felt guilt (as Max and as real myself) for all the destruction my decision caused. The worst thing was that I just could not explain why I did it. It was a totally emotional choice, I just could not see Max losing Chloe forever again.

    Not before I played BTS, including the Farewell episode did I finally realize that I can justify myself (and Max, of course) somehow. This is how it goes.

    Chloe is being betrayed over and over again. In the darkest hour of her life, Max, her best friend, leaves her for good. In the farewell audio Max promises to always remain with Chloe, and the latter holds fast for this promise, which might be the only way for her now to have comfort, but the promise was not fulfilled in the five following years. The Farewell makes Max's action enormously terrible. Yes, it can be explained, but it is still terrible.

    Then Rachel comes into the scene, and life makes sense again for Chloe. She is happy with her new friend (or a girlfriend, if you insist), although she never forgets of Max, always addressing her in the journal. But after some time she loses Rachel too. She does not know what happened. Did she die? Or maybe she just left her just as Max did earlier? She must have been completely broken after this.

    And in this terrible time (coincidence?) Max is back! Despite of her affection to Rachel Chloe is so happy that she easily forgives Max her five years of silence. And although she often thinks her life is a mess, she appreciates Max for saving her life. Chloe really cares for Max, she is not egoistic, as it may seem, she wants her friend to be happy. In an alternative timeline, where Chloe is in a wheelchair, she says to Max something like "I know you hate this kind of conversations." She demonstrates the same attitude in the Farewell, where she already knows Max is moving to Seattle, but tell her nothing because she knows it will be hard for her friend to talk about this.

    And now the last scene at the lighthouse. Does not Chloe do the same thing? "Max, sacrifice me, just do what will make you conscience clean, it is my destiny blah blah blah..." Leave me again, forever, not a big deal, you did this five years ago, you can do it now. "This last week, it was real," Chloe says, but if Max travels back in time and does not save her, she will die without those memories, thinking that she was betrayed by Max and, possibly, by Rachel too. So if Max chooses to sacrifice Chloe, this week will be real for Max only. Yet Chloe is willing to sacrifice herself, not for the Arcadia Bay (she wanted to escape the place looong ago), but for Max.

    If you choose to sacrifice the town, Max will tear the picture of a butterfly and say something close to "Never again." First time I thought that she meant she would never alter the time again, but after the Farewell I changed my mind. "Never again will I betray you," this is what, I believe, Max said. And Chloe's answer, "I will always be with you," totally makes sense.

    It is still very emotional, but at least we can see why would Max chose Chloe over the town. She just could not let her down once more. It may not be the best choice moralwise, but in the course of the story Max could do a number of "moral" choices that lead to devastating consequences (like comforting Victoria finally leading to her being kidnapped by Jefferson). And, who knows, maybe she was back to Arcadia Bay and got her superpowers in order to fix the greatest mistake of her life: leaving her best friend to suffer alone. And she is to prove that Chloe Price is really priceless for her (no pun intended, huh?).

    Every story ends at some point. The one of Max and Chloe was too short for me. I wish we could have another prequel about the time Max spent in Seattle, which could tell us more of the reasons she did not keep in touch with Chloe as she had promised. But anyway, thanks to Dontnod, Nine Deck, and Square Enix for the awesome game!
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