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Thread: RotTR exits to steam big picture mode upon death or fast travel

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    RotTR exits to steam big picture mode upon death or fast travel

    PC specs:
    AMD FX-6300
    GTX 1060 3gb
    16gb ddr3 @ 2133mhz
    SSD for Windows 10
    HDD for steam library
    Steam Controller

    20 year anniversary edition with all dlc installed running on dx11.

    The problem arises when Lara dies or I try to use fast travel (every time).

    It exits to big picture mode whether I'm playing off my monitor or using steam link. It very briefly shows the load screen then exits to the big picture steam menu. This means I have to relaunch and reload the whole game again.

    I have tried uninstalling DLC to no avail. I have tried switching display and graphics settings. I have also tried running without big picture and it still exits out of game completely.

    Please help!

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    To be clear, this problem happens with or without the controller. If I play with mouse and keyboard it closes the game completely just as it does with the controller.

    Also, this happens on some cut scenes. At either the very beginning of a cut scene, or (more commonly) at the end of a cut scene.

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