Thread: Why no Metric English?

Why no Metric English?

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    Why no Metric English?

    FFXV isn't using Yalm it's using Imperial standard or Metric but no toggle for english users to switch have to switch language.
    There is Metric in every language beside english.
    We need a toggle or an Option for a English(metric).
    I would be ok if it was Yalms but they choice to use Imperial and Metric, without giving a toggle for english people outside of the USA.

    I tried the fontandmessage.earc, BR hacked verions but it's missing somethings since it was last updated and it's being updated any longer, Also there was issue with names in CS being in the wrong language.

    People SE or a MODDER fix this mistake. I would hope it was fixed by SE so it would find it's way into the PS4 version which my family also owns. My husban just started playing it on PS4. He is american so he doesn't mind but we both live in Canada now.
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