I may have mentioned earlier that I'm not what you'd call a "Hard-core Gamer" so I usually play on the easiest difficulty. I recently decided to try on "Tomb Raider" difficulty.

I've just got a quick question. When starting a new game and looking through the difficulty levels, it does mention Some of the changes in each difficulty level, but I do know there's more to what's actually mentioned in the list.

I've been watching my brother last time I was visiting and you can actually eat. I thought I read that you can also freeze to death? I've also watched a part of a video where someone was playing "Extreme Survivor" and you needed resources every time you wanted to activate a base camp.

I'm wondering which difficulty level you needed for each (Eating, freezing to death if applicable, and the resources for every base cam...although may be only in Extreme Survivor?).

That being said, I'm playing right now so will probably find at least some of the answers in the next while.