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Star Ocean series for PC

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    Star Ocean series for PC

    Hey Square Enix!
    I'm a huge fan of Star Ocean ever since I played the 3rd game but I am no longer a console gamer. I play games on PC now. My best friend bought me Star Ocean 4 (The Last Hope) on Steam for my PC for my birthday last year and I love it soo much! Unfortunately that is the only game on that series that is released on PC and I can only play Star Ocean First Departure, Star Ocean: Second Evolution and Star Ocean: Till the end of Time on my Emulator from my PC. Also since Star Ocean: (Integrity and Faithlessness) is exclusive to PS4, I will never be able to buy and play that game at all.

    Please consider selling all the Star Ocean games on PC through Steam so I can buy all the games! I will gladly re-BUY them ALL if it means I get to have them ALL on my PC officially! I don't mind playing my games on the emulator but I much prefer to buy my games with official PC support for best performance + I like supporting publishers and developers when I can. I rather buy the game than emulate it any day!

    Thank you for making great games and I hope Star Ocean as a series gets a lot of support, specially on PC for us who do not own a console. I will continue to show my support to you and buy the games you make on steam!

    P.S - As much as I love Star Ocean, I don't think it's worth spending $300+ on a console just to play 1 game. Also, keep in mind if you sell your games on PC digitally through steam, you'll always be able to profit off games no matter how old they get! I bought the first Deus Ex game on steam and I loved it so much! There are so many great classics WORTH BUYING and Star Ocean is one of them! Please sell them on PC so that games can be preserved and everyone has the opportunity to buy and play them!

    *Throws money at the monitor*
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    I would also throw money at my monitor for a Star Ocean on PC