Where to begin? Okay, what I like. I like: graphics are pretty impressive. Makes me wonder how well KOTOR could have been fit onto a PS2. No turn-based is great. No random encounters either. Much better. Great CGI cutscenes. THe Bad: story takes itself way too seriously. Looks like it was designed by the same d00d who designed Soul Calibur's Single player scenario. One of the player models even looks like a SC character. Thus, while technically detailed, it's all too symmetrical and the people are too beautiful and just boring. Talent tree doesn't make any sense. Combat is boring as well. For the most part it's me moving around with the left thumbstick, enter battle, leave, do dishes, come back battle is done, move to next one. Like dungeon siege. Basically, I'm impressed by the technology and the technical expertise shown, but the art direction and design are sorely lacking.

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