Because I can't connect for crap with this game and am having trouble hosting a game with my best friend or the other way around. I know you have to beat the story stage first before you can co-op, but my best friend is WAY ahead of me in the game so he should've been able to connect to me no problem. This is weird because multiplayer for other games we've played still work just fine. Just the other night we played Dark Souls III together and a few days before that, we did some Nioh co-op. Not gonna lie, this issue is slowly starting to piss me off a bit since we were hyped for co-opping this game. I hope Square Enix/Omega Force patches this broken issue up soon. If I were to report the broke online issue to Square Enix/Omega Force, would they even bother responding or doing something about it? I rarely have good experiences when it comes to support from big companies like this. On a side-note, I hope we get codes for this game in Save Wizard. (Max EXP, Money, mini-medals, etc.)

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