Hi everyone. We just dropped in to say 'hello' and to wish everyone a happy journey on the Unofficial launch of 'Life is Strange 2' and the Official launch of 'The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit' game! My sister and I are HUGE LiS and DONTNOD fans and are stoked about the 'Captain Spirit' launch with Life is Strange 2 following a few short months later!

If you are on XBL, look us up!! You can find us at our XBL Club: 'The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit' where we are active everyday creating new content, sharing news with the LiS community and watching live streams of our favorite games and members in the Life is Strange universe!

We're currently the fastest growing 'Captain Spirit' club on XBL so if you're a fan of Life is Strange and are also playing Captain Spirit, hit us up on XBL! We also luv LiS Live Streamers!! We'd luv to have you all over!!!

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