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Thread: Question Regarding Incoming Friend requests

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    Question Regarding Incoming Friend requests

    It's generally the case that when I click on an incoming friend request, the page doesn't confirm anything, it just reads "Error on page" on the taskbar. But when I return to the main body of the forum, the notification is no longer reading as 1 on the top and when I return to my notification I see that the friend request has been accepted and the name is in my friends list.

    But recently this has not happened and I still have one pending request. The same actions were performed and yet it hasn't registered my acceptance and my notifications are still showing I have one to tend. This request has actually been outstanding for several weeks now and I don't want the person to think I am ignoring them but ironically, he/she is not a "regular" so maybe they aren't even on here anymore

    Has anyone else experienced this anomaly? I just thought the staff might appreciate the heads-up incase they were unaware of any problems.

    Thanks for reading

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    Mater Urbium
    I haven't encountered this myself. Can you try adding me? I'll do the same and see it if happens.

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