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What I'd like to see

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    What I'd like to see

    This is a personal request thread of a few things I personally would like to see in the next Deus Ex game. I claim no further ownership of any of these ideas. This is simply a list of things I personally believe would make the game better.

    New Augmentations

    Spider Feet: At level one these allow Jenson to jump and attach himself to the ceiling and walk. At level two these allow him to actually walk up walls.

    Go Go Gadget Arm!: Jenson's right hand can be projected on the end of a tether. This works like Emily Kaldwin's Far Reach. Jenson can use it to pull things to him at level one. At level two he can pull people to him and pull himself to other locations.

    Mind Jack: Jenson can hijack bots and even some augs and take direct control of them. Jenson is extremely vulnerable while doing this.

    Disguise: A version of cloaking that instead projects the image of another person. At level 2 this can also disguise his voice.

    Satellite Uplink: Stay with me. Jenson has control of a satellite that he can use to affect the entire map. Features can be activated with Praxis kits. Jenson can use his satellite to disable comunications, locate all enemies or fire a kenetic projectile that oblitorates a target.

    Double Stacking: The inventory can be modded so stackable items -such as ammo, grenades, and biocells- can be double stacked. For example, combat rifal ammo stacks can be 200 rounds. with this mod they can be 400 rounds.

    Leg Blades: Blades like those in Jenson's arms are also in his legs. They can be used in much the same way as his arm blades. He can eliminate four enemies standing close together. Lethal take downs now include impaling enemies on a blade sticking out of his knee and round house kicks that decapitate 4 enemies at once.

    Echo Cannon: Jenson can bounce a noise off a wall or section of the floor making enemies investigate that area. This can be used to draw enemies out of Jenson's wayu or jure them into a trap.

    Spy Drone: Just like in the original Deus Ex, Jenson can launch a small flying drone from his body.

    Icarus Maneuvers: Jenson can now use the Icarus system with more versatility. By holding the Icarus Dash and cover buttons and flicking the right stick Jenson will dash behind the nearest cover in that direction. Jenson can target punch through points on walls, doors and windows to smash through them- shock and awe anyone? If he has the Spider Feet aug activated he can stick himself to a wall of cieling with a dash. He can even target an enemy with the dash button and press the take down button to "Falcon Punch" said enemy.

    Dual Wielding: Jenson can effectively use two pistols, revolvers or SMGs at a time.

    New Weapons

    Napalm Rifle: This gun fires 6-inch longe cylinders of pressurized napalm. The exterior of these cylinders is dotted with holes allowing streams of fires to to shoot out as the projectile travels. These "jets" cause the projectile to spin and excelorate as they travel. On impact, the projectile splits open in a small explosion. Jenson is effectively shooting fire walls ate people.

    Wire Carbine: This weapon combines the best qualities of a laser and a conventional automatic weapon. A thin wire is fired at rapid speed. It slices into targets like a razer.

    Tazer Rifle: Faster and more reliable than the dart rifle.

    Spider Grenades: Just like the ones in Invisible War.

    Caltrop Grenade: Contains several flat, spring loaded, metal squares that fold into razer caltrops after being deployed and scatter over an area of the floor.

    Lightning Grenade: A grenade that explodes a powerful electric jolt. It instantly renders targets unconscious.

    LMG: Basically the M404 from Human Revolution. I miss it. It'd be nice if it didn't take up so much inventory.

    New Weapon Mods

    Collapsable Barral: When equipped with a rifle, this mod allows the weapon to take up less space in inventory. This only works with rifles.

    Underslung Grenade Launcher: Because it would be nice to have a grenade launcher that was worth the inventory space.

    Ammo Feeder: A mechanical track connects the gun's ammo containment to Jenson's own inventory. No need to reload.


    Automatic Biocells: A form of biocell that activates when Jenson depletes his power reserve.

    Trauma Kit: You know that annoying feeling when you kill someone you weren't supposed to? Well if you can get a fresh kill fast enough a Trauma Kit can save their life.

    Torch: A hand-held torch that can burn through physical locks. Perfect for stealthy break-ins.


    A romantic interest: One of Jenson's coworkers ask him for help with a case. He has the opportunity to flirt with her after. She tells him she owes him a drink. They go on a date. If everything goes well, she starts staying at Jenson's apartment.

    A Karkian cub: Jenson can find a strange egg on a side quest. If he decides to take it with him it will eventually hatch. Jenson will come home to find a baby karkian wrecking his belongings.

    A P.I.: Jenson has hired a private investigator to help him follow up on leads he finds.

    Walton Simons: I want to see how Jenson would stand up against a nano aug. What better way to conclude Jenson's story than with his own replacements?

    Lazarus: The man. The myth. The maniac. I wanna meet him.

    If any devs choose to read this, thank you. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Here are a few more.

    Weapons Grade C.A.S.I.E.: Jenson can tell when someone is lying or using a C.A.S.I.E. on him. He can make himself seem to be an Alpha, Beta or Omega as needed. And he automatically runs searches on the people he's dealing with. Jenson canalso create and deploy a "Miyasma" of specialized pheramones to calm panicked or alerted NPCs or make those NPCs agitated. This can be used to pacify or enrage enemies as well.

    Laser Arm: A laser rifle is concealed in Jenson 's arm. It can be upgraded to shoot through walls.

    Nano Countermeasures: Jenson can use nanites to deactivate explosive devices. Just like Denton did in the first Deus Ex.

    Code Crafting: Rather than keeping his software in his inventory (
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