Thread: Is The Square-Enix Forum Dead?

Is The Square-Enix Forum Dead?

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    Is The Square-Enix Forum Dead?

    I have never seen a forum from a company of this size that has this amount of disinterest and inactivity.

    Is there anyone from Square-Enix that's willing to help their customers? If you look at all of the posts on the front page there are literally only 2 threads from the last several months that have received replies.

    What's the point of even having a forum if the company refuses to respond?

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    As a quality engineer of 12 years, I'd be pretty disappointed in myself if I didn't take the time to look at the forums and help those having trouble with the product I'd helped create. I know it's hard sometimes to keep up, but with a low frequency of added threads it could be looked at.

    Or, at least a "ok, we hear you and have added it to our bug tracker".
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    Sometimes I have this impression too.
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    It's a shame, this place used to be fairly lively.

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    I know we normally don't discuss ban reasons on the forums, but I'd like to make it clear that while there is nothing wrong with the OP's question, it was later stealth edited to add advertising/spam links hence the reason said user is now showing as 'Banned'.

    And yes it is unfortunate that the forums are pretty much dead. People seem to have moved to other places it seems.

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    I joined this forum last year to share my feedbacks and opinions with Square Enix and other players but it seems that nobody is interested in discussing topics anymore. No respond from Sqaure Enix or from users. Too bad that this forum is dead. I have so many ideas that I would like to share with Square Enix.